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Horror Hosts

Zacherely the Cool Ghoul - Our Hero

Dr. Sigmond Zoid- Alternative Realities TV

Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors

Count Gore DeVol (the original Internet Horror Host)

Midnite Mausoleum

Horror Host Graveyard Blog (a great Horror Host Blog)

Terror Beyond The Daves (home of the Weekend Horror Host Report)


REPO! The Genetic Opera

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Zydrate Enthusiasts Network (The NY Repo Shadowcast)


Streaming Movies & Chat

The Monster Channel

The Vortexx


Sci-Fi & Horror


The Universal Monster Army

Famous Monsters of Filmland

Caroline Munro

The Witch's Dungeon

Creepy Classics-Movies for all you monster kids


Halloween Army

Zombie Hunters:  City of the Dead

The Rondo Awards




Horror Hound Weekend

Chiller Theatre


Macabre Faire


Music and Movies

The Blockbuster Buster

Marc Gunn

Igor's Egg

The Midnight Syndicate

The Dead Elvi


Comics & Web Comics

Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows

Zorphbert and Fred

Least I Could Do

Sluggy Freelance

Garfield Minus Garfield



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