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Ormsby's Cinema Insane started on the internet in February of 2010 with mini episodes and then full episodes. The show is the classics tradition of horror hosts like Zacherley, Vampira, Elvira and others. Assisted by The Clones (200 little girl clones), his never seen somewhat decease Mother, and DuckBoy (part teen, part duck),

Ormsby presents old films with host segments and sometimes actually dropping into the movies himself.

In October of 2011, between production of Cinema Insane, Ormsby started a strange little advice weekly show on Youtube called "Ask Ormsby" where people can send in their questions for Ormsby to answer. The questions range from "What should I cook my boyfriend for dinner?" to "How do you make a Clone-apede?"

Ormsby has appeared on major streaming sites like The Monster Channel and The Vortexx. He's been photographed with horror hosting icons such as Zacherley, Elvira, Stella and Halloween Jack.


2011- Nominated for a Bob Wilkins Best Horror Host Award

Ormsby's Biography

Ormsby, originally from Transylvania, is the caretaker, cultural attaché, and mad scientist at Transylvania's Embassy located in the Haunted Lighthouse of Mastic.

He lives with his (mostly) deceased Mother, DuckBoy(made from the parts of a pizza delivery boy and a duck) and 200 little girl clones.

From the Lighthouse he hosts Ormsby's Cinema Insane (www.cinemainsane.com), which started on the internet in February of 2010. Ormsby is an authority on cloning, horror movies, and cute red heads.


He also watches way too much iCarly.


(updated 9/23/2010)

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